Sylvia Johnson- Actress – Writer

Selene Hetake. A mystic Dream

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Sylvia Johnson


“Sylvia Johnson is  an independent producer, actress, writer , director of” School of Theatre”, Las Palmas, the acting school that is committed to creating space to create in the field of performing arts and audiovisual media, providing advanced acting coaching. Sylvia has a BA in Acting  from  Middlesex University, London. She has thirteen years  of experience as a drama teacher and as astage actress. She is the author of several literary works. She has worked on both sides of the camera in film and television. As well as on and off stage in Barcelona, Canary Islands and London.  In writing, she specilized in  the arts’ Press and Publicity since her college days.  Sylvia Johnson has worked as a journalist and  a theatre critic. Amongst her  literary works there are theatre plays and screenplays. 

The actress and writer, recently published the short novel story “Hetake Selene. Mystical Dream “(Spanish Version) and” Selene Hetake. Mystic Dream “in English version. This work is now a screenplay for  a full length feature in pre-production .  School of Theatre runs the casting department  of Hetake Selene. Mystic Dream.  School of Theatre collaborated with the Casting  Director of Clash of the Titans II, Camilla Valentin Isola for the casting of the cast of the second part of Clash of the Titans “

Sylvia Johnson embarks on a Masters in Filmmaking at Kingston University, London in September 2011.

After Publishing her Short Story “Selene Hetake. A mystic Dream” (English Version) and “Selene Hetake. Sueño Místico” (Spanish Version)  She prepares  for the production of the  full length feature film based on Selene Hetake. Sueño místico, which she will Co- Produce and Direct, starting production  in 2012.

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“Be bold and brave, be truely daring, dare to live”

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height:  1. 76 cm

Bust  90 cm

Waist: 62cm

Hips: 86 cm

Hair: blond

eyes:  Brown


1999 -2002 BA honors degree in Acting.  Middlesex University, London.
1996 -1999 BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts Ealing Terteary College, London.

1994 – 1996 Cambridge Advance Certificate in English.. Richmond Upon Thames College. London.

1994 -1996 Certificate in Translation (Traductores e Interpretes) Richmond Upon Thames College. London
1991 – 1993 BTEC  First Diploma in  Business Administration.  Institute Mesa y Lopez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Other Education
1996 – 1999
Creative writing
Turnpike Lane Writing School., 347 Turnpike Lane, North London
1998 -2000
Journalism  intensive course

Film and Theatre Production. Intensive Course
Middlesex University Summer School, Trent Park, Bramley Road, London N14

Prensently Working@

Savanah (Grupo Nemis)

Theatre Critic, Theatre  reviews , Journalist .

Pre- Production.  SELENE HETAKE. Feature Film

Independent Producer

School of Thatre

Theatre and Drama  Teacher

Photography Model

Teaching Experience

2010 – Present Irish Yeats Academy.  English Teacher. Las Palmas

.Asociacion de Vecinos Nordtramuntana San Andres: Paseo Torras I Baiges 101-103. 08030 .Barcelona.

2009 Teacher of Theatre in English for children ages 3 to 12.

2009 Drama in English for adolts.

CIEF ACCION, C/ Francesc Tarrega 14, 3º, 1Barcelona.

Business English teacher.

2004 – 2009 Drama teacher School of Theater and Dance SOCART Palmas de GC.

Teaching children ages 3 to 16 years old.
Drama teacher WORKSHOPS for  adults, Las Palmas de GC.
Private English teacher .  Teaching up to 11 children ages 9 to  16 years old during a period of 5 years. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Off Stage  Theatre Experience. London.

Play                                                           Director                    Job
1996      All Things Nice                        Lisa Watson                 Set designer
1996       Mobidick                                   John Wright               Stage Manager
1997       Lorca Triologia                      David Peacock               Press and Publicidady
1997       The Crucible                              Sarah Hill                    Press and Publicity
1999        Danton’s Death                          Katie London              DSM
1999         The Fool                                       Will Jon                     DSM

2009 The Secrets of divinity                   Sylvia Johnson        Director

TV.   Film.      Short Film.  Acting Credits.

Production                Role                       Director

Film / Short Film / TV

2oo9 Noa’s Ark          Various              Theor (Tranxmuten Art)

2008 Conectacts       Sylvia                 Diego Salazar
2003 Má Mere          Secretary           Christopher Honore
2001 Hearts lost        Ana                    Lance Nilsen
2001 30, s                  Beatrice              Lance Nilsen

Theatre Acting Credits
Plays:                                                                                     Role       Director
2008      La tentación de los Espiritus                    YAKIBATO Marc Pujol
2003      History of the Tablets                                   Variuos Profetas de Mueble bar
2001      Strawberries                                                      LUCY Dannie Carr
1999       One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest             INMATE John Wright
1999       Aladín                                                                  JASMINE David Thomas
1999       Ring round the moon                                    DIANA Will James
1997      A night out (Harold Pinter)                        GIRL John Abbott
1996      Uncle Vanya (Anton Checkov)                 SONYA Jane Harrison

1996      Othello (William Shakespeare)                  DESDEMONA Jane Harrison
1996      Without  Punishment (Lope de Vega)    CASANDRA Brian Ingram
1995      The scoffer of Seville (Lope de Vega)     TISBEA Brian Ingram
1995      The Tempest (William Shakespeare)       GONZALO Brian Ingram


Savanah Magazine.

Savanah magazine. No 85 to 93  Group Nemis. Theatre .  Las Palmas de GC.

1996- 1999 North Circular. Middlesex University Student Union Magazine. Theatre, Art and Fashion trends.

Creative Writing. Various Literary works for the performing arts and film. Singing. Dance. Alternative therapies. Film and Theatre Production.

Aquella Mujer – Cuento – Sylvia Johnson

Colores Invisibles- Cuento


Lance Nielsen. Film and theatre Producer and  Director. London.

JOhn Wright. Director. Told by an Idiot theatre Company. London.

Jane Harrison. Actresss. Drama teacher. London

Briam Ingram. Director. Performing Arts Teacher. London

Middlexes University. London.

Middlesex University’s Press Office. London.

Profetas del Mueble Bar. Las Palmas.

Imagia Free Lance. Las Palmas.

Seven Island Films. Las Palmas.

Theor. Actor’s Director. Traxmuten Art. Barcelona.

Marc Pujol. Actor. Director. Barcelona.

SJ Productions films. Reality Creation Works. London.

Barcelona Activa. Generalitad de Catalunya. Barcelona.

Diego Salazar. Director. Barcelona

SocaArt. Escuela de tEatro y Danza. Las Palmas.

Grupo Nemis. Revista Savanah. Las Palmas

Christopher Honré. Film Director. France.

Katie Laundon. Theatre Director. London

Written literary works: Screen Plays, Theatre Plays, T.V series. Tales.

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  2. Hello – my name is Philomena Chandler Winn, and I’m currently staying in Las Palmas with my husband Chris, until April. I have a degree in Drama from Bristol University, and have worked for years as a teacher. I’ve also been a member of several theatre companies, and have experience as an actress and director. At the moment I work freelance for Trinity Guildhall as a Speech and Drama examiner – and returned from a two month tour in Australia last November.

    I would be very interested to see some English theatre being performed here, so if there is anything of interest, please let me know.

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