Lance & Lucy the Short Movie

Lance & Lucy the Short Movie started filming in London in the weekend of the 26th of November.
Actress, writer Sylvia Johnson presents her first short film in a seemingly battle between the individual’s quest for instinctual freedom and civilization´s demand for conformity and instinctual repression.
A comedy with a strong love element, built around a dead end race and a monotonous cafe conversation full of those little things which make life extra weird.
The classic boy meets girl theme, with a philosophical view on the pursuit of happiness. Lance, a detective, the fallen hero type, is barely able to confront failure, while Lucy, a waitress, depressed, as the result of her underachieving life style, has simply lost the motivation to seek any sort of excitement that would brighten up her hopeless existence.
The piece attempts to reflect Sigmund Freud ‘s understanding of human mind and its tendencies , in his work Civilisation and its Discontents Freud explains that happiness is a pleasure everyone strives after, making struggles in everything to avoid feelings of displeasure while attempting to experience feelings of Joy and delight.
The main characters in the story lost their purpose somewhere along the line. The piece brings the question that marked many a generation: What is it that makes people successful, fate or luck? The answer is another question, what is success?
On an ordinary day a detective chases after his usual suspect, and a waitress confronts the absurd monotony of her life. By the tricks of destiny something happens when Lance meets Lucy.
A profound definition of love as explained by his holiness the Dalai Lama, love that wants others to be happy. It is unconditional love and it takes a great deal of courage and acceptance, including self acceptance.
In Lance and Lucy the Short Movie love is portrayed to be the final destination in the search for meaning and all purpose. When the characters arrive at the “in love” stop of the journey, they seem to forget that there was ever a search.
The artists involved in this project include Juan Mohan, Fred Simpson, Charlotte Luxford, Halmat S, Patrice Ledwith, Peter Maxwell .
“Admiring those character traits which we at first despised, feared and felt were inadequacies, is the beginning of self acceptance and self understanding, therefore the beginning of true love. The Lance and Lucy story is about embracing the self in whichever circumstance; it’s about ordinary miracles happening to ordinary people with ordinary faith.” Concludes Sylvia Johnson on her first short film.
The filming is will be released in the spring 2012.



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